I’m in Denmark visiting my brother. We went out with our big brother to do some snorkeling. I tried scuba diving years ago in Australia and really enjoyed it. Even with the hassle of getting in and out of wet wet suit and in and out of the water with all the equipment it was well worth it.

While I was in Denmark I had a go at some snorkeling with my brothers. You should think that 15 or so years of development in suits technology, like there is titanium in the suits now to keep you warm, which they did very well. They would have become easier to get in and out off, just like they have moved on with tents and camping. But no, what a palava getting that thing on and off.

And then there is the getting in and out of the sea. All these layers to keep you warm makes you float like a cork in the water so you have to have 10kg of lead tied to you so that you can dive. This was not scuba diving where you have much more strapped on to you which I can only see that is going to make it even harder to get in.

Don’t get me wrong it was well fun but hard work getting all the bits there and especially back when the suit were kg’s heavier because they are wet.