combi boilerOur combi boiler have a ghost in it, two to three times a day it goes starts off on its own, around 10am, 4pm and 3am, every day.

Click, click, stop, start, burn, click, click, start, stop and then more clicking for 2-3min before it starts heating for 2-3min before it turns of again. But nothing gets warm, can hear the water running the pipes, like when we start it on our own as the radiators gets warm in no time.

We have set it so that it is only on when we turn it on and same goes for the turning off. I don’t think it is a self cleaning, re setting, check up on its self since the combi boiler is old but not that old.

A week or so going we put the heating on and it worked just fine, we where toasting while watching our favourite show.

Though last night we fired it up and nothing happened and the hot water packed it in too. I fettled around for a bit and got hot water to run, just for a bit, but never got the heating working. We then called our landlady and she sorted out a friendly man to come around today. So just before the man in his van arrived we tried again but still nada.

At around 10:30am he walked in turned on the combi boiler and can you guess what happened, yup it just fired up. So he just gave it a good cleaning but couldn’t really explain the ghost but we got hot water and a warm house :)