Suspend works and I can be up and running in less than 12sec now !!!

Though suspend does work to some degree. When I come out of suspend if I had some programs running they tent to turn into memory eaters. Thunderbird really have a hard time to connect to the IMAP servers. FireFox eats memory and then freaks out the CPU and other bits are slower.

It does help close all the programs down before going into suspend mode, though after 2-3 of them ubuntu is just dead slow and only a reboot can sort that out.

Else I’m very happy with 9.04.

Just installed Picasa 3, and it scanned and loaded my 33Gb + worth of photos in less than 10min, the first time, and the cpu didn’t freak out.

FireFox and programs loads so much faster, I’m liking it :)

Though still no DVD play, it worked just fine in 6.10, or was it 6.04, but since 7.04 it does see that I got a DVD-r and the model of the drive (somewhere in the settings, can’t remember), it mount the CD and write cd’s just fine but it is still no go with the DVD’s.