Hubble telescope a Ultra Deep Field ImageToday on my daily crawl on the ‘tinternet I fell over two things that just made me go wow.

First one was a picture from the Hubble telescope, a Ultra Deep Field Image, showing the oldest galaxies ever seen, 600 million years after the Big Bang. It will just make you wonder how small we are and how big the space is. Just mad just mad it is, every time I see or read about this, it makes my head hurt.

Every little dot on this image is a galaxy. There is one to the left of the picture where you clearly can see the spiral arms of the galaxy. Just to put it to scale, let’s say you are on your planet in one of the solar systems which are in one of the arms of that galaxy. And you are enjoying a lovely evening looking at the stars and you have a clear view of the the thing you call the Milky Way. That is just the other arm of the spiral in your galaxy in which you are spinning around. Flipping heck, my head hurts.

LINK : Gizmodo – New hubble ultra deep field image will inspire you today

nuclear testsSecond thing that made me go a wee bit “feck me, are we that stupid”. Is the picture/graph showing all the nuclear testing we have done since we made the bomb. I knew of a few and have heard stories that people used to go out to desert to see detonations, a bright new world we now live in. But I didn’t know that the world had gone this mad, 2000 of them and all over the place.

This got me to do a little search and found this on Google Map. Every little dimple in the ground is a nuclear test, just around the corner from the little known Area 51 in the Nevada desert. The one test we did before we dropped two over Japan, would surely be more than enough to learn from. Yes we have now mastered the ultimate weapon us humans can build and clearly it is a big bad one. Naa, we just need another 2000 tests to confirm that it goes bang, what ?

LINK : Gizmodo – Our century of fallout every nuclear detonation mapped