stay young fly a kitePlease never grow old it is boring. Here are five things to do to help you stay young, since it is fall I’ll start there.

Fall : seen all the fallen leaves? Give them a good kicking, it’s great fun ;) There are plenty of leaves in the park atm, go there and have a bit of fun.

H&S : just watch out as wet leaves are slippery.

Winter : if you are lucky and get snow, build a snow man or make a snow angel. There is nothing better than a good walk in the fresh snow, get a bit cold, then home for some hot chocolate after.

H&S : don’t eat the yellow snow.

Spring : have a walk in the spring and have look at the flowers coming to life and then by all means jump around in the puddles.

H&S : do check how deep the puddles are before jumping in.

Summer : go to your nearest open space, bring your homemade or bought kite with you no matter how big or what shape it is, and fly it.

: the kite string can give friction burns.

Oh this is not just a list of what you should do, it’s just to give you some ideas. Now go out there and be a child again and have some fun, it’s good for you.

Oh yeah, forgot the fifth thing, ride a bicycle to and from the thing you do to keep young, it will put a smile on your face.