Looking at this video below, which reminds me of cycling in Denmark in the snow.

If you can’t see the embedded movie click here to see it
I have cycled in weather like this or worse. Sometimes I could not see see further that 20 meters ahead. Quite often I had to stop and remove snow from brakes and wheels. When cycling in two feet of snow. The fun part stars when the first lot of snow melts doing the day and it freezes overnight before another foot of the white stuff lands on top.

But no, this country grinds to a stand still with less snow that is in the video. That goes for train, planes and automoblies and oh no you can’t cycle when it’s wet either.

Which reminds of the fella I saw on his bicycle pootling down the road while it was raining. While looking like a dripping wet dog he was whisling along while overtaking grid locked traffic. Who looked the most misserable, the wet cyclist or the dry people stuck in their cars?