… like burning, I was thinking when turned on my PC the other day.

Just got back from holidays, needed to backup the 300+ photos we took. So hit the power switch on the PC tower, and after a bit I was wondering why I did not hear the normal noises I hear when I turn on the PC. I then looked at the monitor saw that it just sat there displaying the BIOS doing nothing. So I hit the reset button and waited for it to boot again, only to find that this time it would not show the BIOS in at all.

Well time to have a closer look so I opened the box, hit the power switch again and saw that the CPU fan was not spinning and hard disks was not even spinning.

And then the burning smell hit me, bummer :(

Had a poke around and found that one of the heat sinks that normally only get luke warm, was blistering hot after only being on for 1-2 min.

We that was it I was thinking, time to get a new puter, which I rather not do atm. Because the last time I updated my PC I had to get new RAM, new graphic card etc because it was all out of date. And also I would rather spend money on our new touring bikes.

So I was up shit creek for a bit, until my friend came to a rescue in the form of a PC he was binning. He needed more space, found it slow to work on and the sound card was dead. Which is not a problem for me as I use my laptop to play music on.

After a bit of faffing around today I got PC up and running again, thanks mate :)