Hooooly sssshhhittt ….

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Sorry for the strong words here, but how the f@&k can you be this stupid. Nearly hurt herself and another fellow cyclist and just jumped off the bicycle and carried on like you had planned it all along, without any care at all.

I was crossing a side road on my way to get some fish and chips tonight. As I was crossing the junction, I saw SillyCyclist being overtaken by a car down the side road, plenty of space, nothing wrong with that move. The car came up to the give way lines and stopped for me as I was crossing on foot. Then the SillyCyclist decided to overtake the car at the give way line, on the right hand side of the car and on the wrong side of the narrow side road.

I kept my eyes on this SillyCyclist since I sensed that she wouldn’t stop at the give way lines. As I had already spotted the cyclist and car coming on the main road, going from the right to the left.

And yup I guessed right, the SillyCyclist just kept going going right out from the side road onto the main road. And right in front of the cyclist on the main road who was followed by a car, lucky the cyclist was nice and wide on the main road and saw it all happening.

The SillyCyclist was now heading down the main road on the wrong side against the cyclist and the following car. SillyCyclist bailed out by hitting the kerb and nearly came off her bicycle. Lucky the cyclist moved around and made extra room for SillyCyclist and the car managed to slow down in time.

SillyCyclist just jumped off her bicycle and onto the pavement and carried on like she was planning this wonder move, erm, let’s call it a stunt, from the start.

She then continued her journey after a pref interlude on the pavement, like nothing had just happened. The mind boggles.

My SillyCyclist have started to spread, my friend Ham of the LondonDailyPhoto fame, has a new blog called cyclesafeandhappy and he has just started the Numbnut Awards, with this little wonder.