shared pedestrians and cycle pathI’m sure that you will come across this road sign on your daily commute. And I ask you, SillyCyclist, do you really know what it means?

What it does mean … “Shared pedal cycle and pedestrian route. Cyclists give way to pedestrians”.

So therefore when you are riding on your bicycle towards my beloved and me walking on a path that clearly has this sign at the entrance to said path, and said path narrows because of some work that the council is doing to said path, it would be great if you refrain from doing what you just did i.e. just power on through and push me and my beloved off the path we are sharing with you. You must slow down, give way even if it does mean that you have to come to a stop and wait for us to pass.

That is just common courtesy. And common courtesy is anyway giving way to pedestrians on shared paths, since cyclists will be travelling faster than a person on foot.