… and me just don’t get on.

The longer I’m away from it the more I hate it. Riding a bike in London is just much better, short cuts off the busy roads, seeing spring springing, wind in your hair(ok not that one for me but you get the drift) and meeting other people, whom aren’t p’ed off either, with a smile on their face, it must be the spring sun and riding a bicycle. And to top it off I always know how long a journey will take me, I don’t have to rely on the public transport.

The Tube: I had to take it today, for the first time since November. The smell was horrid, the heat, the crampness and not a smiling face in sight. And to think I used to pay(ok a lot cheaper back then) for this and do it 2 times a day.

Buses: hmm well when they arrive they will probably just get stuck in traffic around the corner. The last time I took a bus, I had to walk for 10 min, then stand around for another 10-15min, in the cold before I decided to walk back home and jump on the bike.

Because in that time I was allowing for myself to get to the bus, waiting for it and its journey to my destination was double the time I needed to go from a to b and back again. Just because you can’t rely on the bus to be on time and the journey time is a bit of a lottery too.

Trains: on the other hand and the reason for today’s trip on the tube, is much better. The last few times I have used them, they have been on time and plenty of space. Ok not really for my legs but my face is not in someone armpit. The normal rant about train food and prices still stand, but that can be beaten with a little planning ahead. But don’t get me started on the amount of paper work (tickets) you need when you bring a bike with you.

Well that is my 2 cents, and I will be on my bike again tomorrow with a smile on my face and wind in my … oh well … you know know what I mean.