If you are cycling down Albert Bridge Road and want to turn into Prince of Wales Drive, you will find this little gem.
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As you can see that the cycle lane goes up and over the pavement and right now there is roadworks which isn’t helping.
I don’t know how Wandsworth can have such a great park (Battersea) for cycling and right outside such a bad cycling infrastructure.

1/ Very high kerbs to the both sides of the cycle lane and very narrow.
Which will not give you much space to maneuver safely, especially when you are coming at the cycle lane at an angle. And by the look of it the cycle lane turns into a pavement for a few yards, where you have to give way to the pedestrians.

2/ Pedestrians will be crossing cycle lane.
The pedestrians will think that the cycle lane is part of the pavement. And therefore only will be thinking about finding a gap in the traffic so that they can cross the road.

3/ The cycle lane joining back to the road.
As you can see on the photo, the cycle lane is joining the road right after the narrowing of the road. At that point cars will be speeding up as they have just come out of the narrowing, so you really need to be careful when joining.

Best way to use this facility is to stay in the line of the other road users. you will have plenty of space and don’t have to use the “pavement”. They will be able to see you and also not be able to over take you. Since less than 100 yard up Prince of Wales Drive you have a roundabout, where you would like to be seen.