So we managed a week or so of snow and icy roads here in London. Now comes the next menace to us cyclist.

Pot holes !!!

Just as the BBC article, Pothole and frozen pipe worries as ‘big freeze’ thaws, states …

The cycle of freezing and thawing water will widen cracks in road surfaces, creating potholes, warns the Institution of Civil Engineers.

The roads will and is full of them, so do cycle with care.

I do hope that you have some spare time to report them. I tested out CTC’s website Fill That Hole a couple of weeks ago and it worked. I spend 5min filling in the online form and 11 days later I saw the pot hole filled and two days later I got an email confirming what I have seen. So it does work.

It is worth your time and will only take 5min and you will help with making the roads ridable for us all.