So in my attempt to show that this London Cycle Hire Scheme is on for a hard time. I went out today to find out what the other cycle hire scheme is called and have a look at how it works.
oybike london bicycle rentalOn my way to work today I saw that the local “docking station” that I knew of. Had its sole bicycle standing there ready to use, as I always see it, so I thought I’ll get a picture on my way back.

Only to be proved wrong on my way home as it was rented out :)

I then found out who they were … “The OYBike System is a street-based rental station network that allows you to hire and return a bicycle via your mobile phone.”
Reading their website it sounds simple enough to hire, they got a fair good coverage in west London area, think Hammersmith and Fulham. And a few other places though I was sure I have seen more places around London, only daily riding about.

And the cost for the hire is good, the first 30min FREE, then around £2 per hour.

And the “docking station” I knew of near me is a parking place only according to the website, so why is there always a bicycle there. Though looking at the map of their locations I found out that there is 2 more quite close to me where I can rent bicycles from.

I also just found out, by looking at the map, that there are also locations in Reading and Cambridge, though I do not fancy riding that far on these bicycles.

I do hope that oybike have been contacted regarding the London Cycle Hire Scheme to either work together or be allowed run side by side.

UPDATE : Regarding the picture above. I went to one of the other “docking stations” this afternoon and found one bicycle, which was not locked to “docking station”.