I hope that I’m allowed a bit or artistic licensing from old blue eyes, and re-write his song New York, New York.

“If they can make it there, Then we make it anywhere, It’s up to you – New York, New York.”

I know, I will not give up my day job :) Though what New York have done is amazing, if a car loving city like that can change why can’t others. The car has been the king for too long, it is time to take the roads back and let everyone use it.

Steetfilm.org have a great film with Congress member Mr. Blumenauer where they have a spin around New York. Where they talk about what New York have done and needs to do to get livable streets back to the people.

Rep. Blumenauer sometimes cycles to the White House, now if he can why can’t the rest ? I bet you, that your government representative only lives down the road. That is not just aimed for the US alone it also goes for your country and your representatives, boy that is probably the most political sentence I have ever blogged, I’ll get down from my soapbox and do some riding :)

LINK : Treehugger – Earl Blumenauer rides bike in nyc
LINK : Streetfilms – Mr Blumenauer goes to New York city to ride bikes