luxo jr from pixarWas at the moving pictures yesterday and saw the latest collaboration between PIXAR and Disney called UP. Simply loved it really it lived up to the reputation of these companies.

It was good to see 3D really working. Though it only worked where the screen were, so you got this big 3D thing zooming at you, but as soon as it is outside the screen area it was gone. So it would only really work on a screen that fills your whole field of view. The last time I watched 3D was when you could make your own glasses with green and read candy wrapper, not the best result but it was fun.

What got me onto thinking about this post, was the intro that PIXAR always use with the Luxo Jr. their so to speak logo. Haven’t you ever wondered what happened after Luxo Jr. jumped onto the I in PIXAR and squashed it flat ?

Well to the rescue came CollegeHumor with a plausibly explanation :)