lego tilesSorry this is showing my age. I’m from the old school of LEGO, back when the most fancy piece we had was a roof tile.

The joy of play with LEGO is to search for that bit you just saw two minutes ago but can’t for the life of you find again. And then because you could not find what you were looking for, you either built something else or swapped with your fellow Lego builder for the day.

Now this Kiwi company, Box4Blox, have come up with a Lego sorter, NO! It is wrong and should put into the sin bin. As this is totally against the Lego spirit, wrong I say WRONG !

Oh, by the way, Peter and Moira Botherway it is not LEGOS, it is pieces of LEGO !!! And that is said by a Dane who ain’t great with gramma, just read this blog, but I know my LEGO.