legoI don’t read the Daily Wail, well only there is something about cycling or LEGO. Their article, “When Lego lost its head – and how this toy story got its’ happy ending” is pretty good and tell us how LEGO managed to pull themselves out off the red and back in to the black.

Even though I’m old school LEGO fan and is not so keen on the new fancy LEGO bits. I’m very impressed with what they are doing, hey I even got a Indiana Jones set myself.

gizmodo lego tripThough it is not as good as Gizmodo’s trip to LEGO HQ (warning: link contains hours of fun). Just have a look at their video of the 65-foot-high Cathedrals which store 19 Billion pieces a year. Here is probably the best LEGO FAQ, Gizmodo – Everything you always wanted to know about lego, you can find.