This is by all means not a scientific study but just an observation by me. Over the last few weeks a I have been counting while cycling around town.

16 cyclist with bicycle helmet have jumped red light, totally blind as in not looking right or left, at speed right across the junction.

Six cyclist without bicycle helmet jumped the red light but at least half of them did sneaking and peaking across the stop line and looked right and left and right before crossing the junction slowly and carefully.

I do not condone jumping red lights but if you are going to break the law do it carefully and look where you are going.

And again wearing a helmet doesn’t make your cycling safer if you still cycle like a numpty. So when you are cycling do obey the High Way Code it is there to help you and others. And remember the three C’s – to be seen, to see and communicate – cycle where you can be seen, cycle where you can see others and communicate with others, with eye contact and hand signals telling others where are going. It does make sense and will help you on your journey.

On another note : For some reason people without helmet tend to cycle on the pavement much more. Now that is one place I would wear a helmet, just like mountain biking, there is plenty of unknowns. Like trees, lose pavement slaps, dogs, people coming in and out of their houses or shops, kids running about, push chairs, bins to name but a few. And above all people on the pavement do not expect you there so they will not be looking out for you.