If you are cycling along on Peterborough Road, you will see national cycling route 4 is turning down Hugon Road.

Which is a one way road coming onto Peterborough Road, with a contraflow cycling lane.

Please don’t use it, as you can see …

hugon road sw6

1/ Very high kerbs to the both sides of the cycle lane and very narrow.
Which will not give you much space to maneuver safely.

2/ There is a railing to your left on part of the cycle lane. And with the parked cars on your right all the way down the cycle lane.
When cars are parked next to the cycle lane the doors opens right out into the cycle lane, which makes your space even smaller. People getting in and out of these cars will think that they are next to the pavement. And therefore they will not be thinking about cyclist using the cycle lanes.

3/ Pedestrians will be crossing road at any point.
Just as the users of the parked cars, pedestrians will think that the cycle lane is part of the pavement. And therefore only will be thinking about finding a safe place for them to cross the road between the parked cars. And will not look out for cyclist coming down the road in the opposite direction of the cars.

4/ The cycle lane finishes out onto Hugon Road.
Other road users will becoming down Hugon Road, seeing that it will be touring into a one way street and that the road will be quite narrow. And not see that a cycling lane will finish right out unto the road, because it is hidden behind parked cars. Cyclist will have to do quite a bit of swerving to navigate the exit from the cycle lane unto Hugon Road, which will not give enough room for all road users.