Over on copenhagenize.com they have post about how other cities are promoting cycling.

I totally agree with them that the way New York are “promoting” cycling in their ad Look, is just wrong and is very linked to car-centric fearmongering and this will NOT get more on their bikes.

The others they list on copenhagenize are brilliant and will get people cycling for sure. Especially the one from the Hungarian Cyclists Federation, I did not understand Hungarian but I do understand what they are saying with this add below.

I made laugh out loud and really made me want to go out on my bicycle, even though it is damp and grey here today. See that is what cycling promotions is all about.

As copenhagenize says Hungary really got the cycling promotion spot on.

Come on chaps and chapettes make some fun adds for cycling because cycling is fun and great and good for you. It far out weights the bad things that could happen to you while cycling, like swallowing a fly because you are smiling so much, sun burn ok only in the summer or eating too much cake which is a hard thing to do while cycling.