Cycling in DenmarkMy passport has run out, yes I knew about it last year but was a bit lazy. I did have a few trips to do and didn’t want to run the risk of not going because the passport was not ready yet.

You can’t call the Embassy to book an appointment, you have to go there in person to get the appointment. Because of the number of Danes in this country, I was told, so there is a massive waiting list to get that appointment. So all in all you have to make three trips to the Embassy if you want a new shiny Danish passport.

As soon as you set your feet inside the Embassy you are greeted by posters and magazines telling you that you should have a cycling holiday in Denmark, trust me it is a great place to cycle so do go if you have the chance.

Imagine my disappointment when I saw that the Danish Embassy had put up some massive flower pots outside, well let’s just call them what they are: concrete bollards. Yes, I know there were some issues with some drawings a few years back, but there is a better way to tell the “attackers” that we are not scared. Put up some bicycles outside with flowers in the handlebar baskets, that would tell them. And also leave me a place to park my bicycle when I go there to pick up my passport. I had to lean my bicycle up outside against the “flower pots” as there is nowhere to lock the bicycle to anything. Luckily, there was a security guard who looked after it, not much other use he could do, if perish the thought, a truck fully loaded with explosives drove into the Embassy.
us embassy london
It would also make Denmark look more inviting and put a smile on you as you cycle past the Embassy.

Rather than make the Embassy look like the fortress that is the American Embassy in London *). This is the new American Embassy in London to be build over the next few years, it just needs the drawbridge since it’s already got a moat.

*) I have seen it in Oslo and have been told about the one in Copenhagen and I take it elsewhere too always looks like a fortress.