have produced two eBooks, Guide to Cycling in London and Bicycle Maintenance Made Ridiculously Easy, free for you to download.

I have had quick scan of these two eBook and I enjoyed then, very well written and full of useful hints, even for a long time cyclist here in London. Need to read them in full very soon. I do even think that the Guide to Cycling in London can be read by someone who don’t live here. As some of the tips can easily be applied to where you live and ride your bicycle.

The maintenance e-book, is great got some great pictures and step by step guide for anyone who fancy grabbing a allen key and do a spot of fettling. Bicycle maintenance is pretty easy and not that hard but armed with this eBook you are laughing. Just remember dear readers, is you should mess it up or think that something is broken beyond repair. Your Local Bicycle Shop is there to help you :)

LINK : Free ebook for subscribers