… make you dream more ?

Around 2 months ago Peli’s mum gave us a pot of Dream Cream from Lush, thank you. Don’t get me wrong it is a very good cream and I have used too, but not as much as Peli.

Over the last 2 months Peli dreams have become very interactive and have kept me awake. Either by her moving around in bed or talking to me, which she denies. Tonight was a very typical one …

P: mumble need some salad mumble
H: eh ?
P: and there is a wolf too mumble
H: what are you on about ?
P: I don’t know

Then she sits up in bed and goes “I don’t know” again and crawls out of bed to open the window. And comes back to bed looking at me, not understanding why the heck I’m laughing my head off.