Road positioning

When cycling on road where there is no cycle lane, the Danes are right in the gutter, even on outside of the road markings. Not giving yourself much space if the road is at a bad state, though that is not often.

When over taking parked cars, they are just about clearing the parked car, not many inches left between them and the car. Well inside the “door zone”, it’s like they don’t have a problem with people getting in or out of the parked cars.

But you are not that easily seen, looks like you are stopping or look like street furniture not like that you are a road user and is going somewhere.

We tried to pull out and take the lane, so that could get into the middle of the road to do our left turn, so therefore only need to cross one lane when it was clear.

But we just got beeped, because it is not “how we do it”. You, as a cyclist, have to pull into the side of the road and wait until both lanes are clear an then cross over.