The 3 C’s

To see and To be seen and Communicate is probably the most important thing I can teach people who are learning to cycle.

While cycling around in Denmark, I did not see much looking back checking what is behind you.

Even when starting off, pretty much step out onto the cycle lane onto the bike and hope that the people who are cycling along behind you have seen you and have time enough to stop/slow down. No looking around at all.

When cycling down the cycle lane or shared road, pretty much none of the cyclists I saw looked back just to check what is going on around them. Even at junctions, pretty much relying on that the cars coming from behind and wanting to turn right, across the bike lane you are on, would stop and give way for you. Again, no looking around at all.

When turning any direction there are barely any signals to tell you where the person is going in front of you. If there were any signals it was more of a quick little wave near the hips, which you barely can see if you are right behind let alone if you are in a car out to the side of the cyclist. Again no looking around you before doing the turn.

The only signal I saw people use quite often was the stop sign, hand up in the air. But it was only often because I saw it more often than the left/right signals which still wasn’t often or clear enough.