It is simple, why can’t we get on with it and do it ?

1/ If the global warming, running out of oil etc is wrong and we do have plenty and there is nothing worry about.

2/ It is real and we are running out of oil etc and world as we know it will die in the next 100 years.

No matter which one it is, it isn’t that hard to do anyway, why the heck aren’t we doing it. Because it will be good for us.

– Getting on our bicycle is good for us, makes us smile.
– Better air quality, is good for us to cycle in.
– Cleaner water is good for us, for the thirsty cyclist.
– More work for us, more bicycle mechanics.
– More money (because it will create more jobs), the more bicycles we will buy.
– Happier and healthier humans, will cycle more.

And so I could go on and on.

So why the heck are we stalling and can’t pull out our fingers ? It is a win win for us, ain’t it ?