.citycycling issue 53.citycycling issue 53 is out now, get it while it is still hot of the press.

In this month issue we got …

.shoes, chefs and cycling, cath, the other cycling wiggins
.sociological deconstruction, … or a cycling travelogue
.a letter to david curry, a cyclist’s open invitation
.dave moulton on bikes, evolution of frame design
.i went to the cycle show…, wes goes to earl’s court
.on reflection, belt and braces?

And much more just click over and read .citycycling – issue53.

I totally forgot to post about this, .citycycling is holding a photo competition.

We want you to capture the diversity in cycling the world over, with the competition open to anyone no matter what age or nationality. The fixed gear scene, mountain biking, folders, racing, stunts and jumps, we want to see it all.

And with a first prize of ¬£400 it’s a competition well worth entering.

LINK : .citycycling – Photo Competition

Now I gotta dust of my old camera :)