Well I have now read two articles in the Daily Mail which is about cycling where cyclist are not being put out to hang. No they are rather good articles and articles that is normally seen in the Guardian or CTC’s Cycle, what is happening?

I tend not to read the Daily Mail as it tends to may my blood boil with the one way hatred toward cyclist. I don’t know if this one made it to print or is only online. But this article, Cycling through grey days on a family holiday to Cornwall, is a rather nice little story about a family’s holiday where they use bicycle as a part of it.

And no where it it does it say the usual thing about cycle as the Daily Mail normally put to print.

Just did a quick search on their website and there are more cycling related stories and none seems to be normal drivel, I think we are turning them :)

LINK : Cycling through grey days on a family holiday to Cornwall by the Daily Mail