woolly bounce Thank you all for coming and all the facebook, email, sms or how ever you managed to congrats me :)

I had a splendid day, didn’t have time to talk to you all long enough, I think there was at one point 40 odd people there. I do hope that you all managed to get a bounce, eat enough and drink.

The last few days before were a bit depressing since everywhere I called the companies couldn’t provide me with a bouncy castle on the day. But two days before I found a company who honestly did’t sound like they would pull through on the day, they did and we all managed to have 6 hours or so of fun.

One thing I forgot to say when I posted this the first time around. When the bouncy castle was up, the general mood of the day was happy and joking. Talking about what you did as a kid, if you have seen the new play ground in the park etc. Then when the bouncy castle was taken down the conversion become all about tax, politics and war. So if you have a birthday coming up do get a bouncy castle, you will not regret it :)

A special thanks to my family and friends from Denmark and France who came over to make this a grand day out. And also to my friends here in the UK who some of them did a very long journey to get here, looking at you Adam. And the friends who I do not often see but still managed to arrive, yes we need to catch up soon.

birthday pano

Some special thanks, if you are not here it is not that I forgot you.
CrinklyLion aka Kat : Thanks for THAT cake, it was numnum! Hope you all managed to taste it.
Ham : We didn’t get to cut your cake before the next day and you all did really miss something there numnum!
Martin Patrick : Short meet but always great to see you, look an eagle (points over there and runs away :) )
Charlotte : Thanks for the brilliant photos, beers and eggs (it does smell a pit in the flat now :) )
The rest of the yacf “clan” : Thank you all for coming, see you on a pootle sometime soon.
Family (UK and DK) : Thank you so much for coming it was great to see you, hope you didn’t get too scared off my mad friends :)
Tony : It’s been a long time, good luck in Argentina
Bam aka Granddad : See you next year to your 40+10 :)
Bo : Get these kids out of the house and come and visit more often so that we can go riding with the yacf lot.
Peli aka Vicky : Extra special thanks to you for the meet and great of everyone who arrived, good job there girl, love you !

LINK : All the photos here – The Big Four Oh Bounce. No order taken from a few friends cameras, both the grand tour of London the day before and on the day.

Thank you.