So this is a few days after the big SKY ride in London and nearly a few months since the Ealing one. The Ealing one was a great success, I saw since I was working there. Many thousand happy cycles and the odd numpty that was sure that the route around Ealing was a racing track. But lucky that was the very few and we had many smiling people who had a great day.

Despite the free “fly catchers” that SKY handed out to every cyclist. And everyone took them and put them on but it only attracted flies, may files :)

Since I work mostly in the west of London, I decided to count how many people who would be using these high-viz top. You would think that since nearly everyone took these free ones and that there were thousands of cyclist there. Some of them would be using them after the SKYride, I have only counted two yes two.

The last of the two I counted yesterday after the big one in London. Where I hear numbers over the 20,000 and I’m sure that SKY had many of these fly catchers ready to hand out for free.

So from this I can see, that it was a missed advertising opportunity since such little number if them would be used after the rides.

Though on the other hand it was great to see so many people out there cycling with a smile on. I sadly missed the on in central London, which I’m sure was a great success.