I was looking for a newsletter plugin for wordpress. I found the one from Satollo simply called newsletter, there is also a pro version.

What I really like about it is that it is easy to learn how to drive it. Very easy to set up, with double opt-in sign up, you can even make your own look to the newsletter.

Satollo’s WordPress Newsletter plugin.

Though when I was editing my newsletter I ran into the good old HTML and browser issue. Which browser or email client are the the readers using to view the newsletter. It is a little easier now of days to code HTML since the browser are much more up to date. Though that doesn’t mean that the reader is.

So I’m “sorry” if my sites/blogs are not looking the best, but honest I can’t be asked to to write code that is good for all the browsers and versions of OS that is out there. I’m very sure that if you are using the latest version of your browser, my sites would quite descent. So please update, not just for because of me but also for your safety.

I’m running Ubuntu with Chrome or Firefox with all things as updated as they come out. If my site is looking as I would want it to on these two browsers and on this OS, I’m happy. I really do not have the time to find a Microsott/Apple/etc running machine with opera/IE/FF/chrome/etc making sure that I run all the combinations of all the various version, from day one until now.

I think that I managed to get the newsletter to look pretty good at the end. If you are interested in seeing the final result do sign up over here. Not that there is many updates or anything else that what is on the blog already.