hostingSo after many emails and chat sessions with about their slow servers and down times. I decided it was time to pack my bags and go else where.

I chatted to the fellas at, very friendly and helpful. They even have a go on a temporary site, to see if I could get my sites/blogs to run on their servers. And I even had a play with their control panel, which was very simple and straight forward. I would highly recommend them, good price, located in the UK.

Though I found out that it didn’t have the ommph behind it that I needed. So I found they too are based in the UK. I had a a few emails to and from and a go at their servers before I said yes.

I managed to install four wordpress blogs on one main domain and three sub domains, imported the old wordpress blog and FTP’ed my stuff to their servers at pretty much the same time. And not once did I have an error or slow running site as I have suffered over on over the last half or so year.

I then started the process of moving my domain etc over, which was made very easy with the help from What I was a bit shocked by was that when I asked for the Authorisation Code over chat with They gave it to me right way, no questions asked, no attempt to keep me at theirs. Not even an email after the deed was done. So mush for being a costumer with them since 2005.

A few emails to and from the new registrars and a little wait, the DNS got moved last Thursday night. My sites were down for a few hours while I uploaded everything and haven’t had a slow or down times since.

So lets see how woollypigs runs along over the next few years in it new home on servers.