11.10 power manager is a bit broken I think.

My laptop had a fully charged battery, I then pulled out the power cord and Ubuntu told me that the battery is critical low and turned off the laptop. I could do nothing to stop it from doing so. When I then started the laptop up again without the power cord it runned just fine, though the remaining power left time yo-yo’ed up and down one sec it is 2h30 the next 5h20, a bit like the good old windows minutes.

I have done nothing with regards to the power settings when I installed 11.10.

UPDATE: Since this I have noticed something else that is rather weird. A few people have commented that my screen is dark/dim, though I find it ok. The keyboard brightness buttons are not working at all, the little graphical display comes up and shows that you are pressing the right keys. But the bar goes up and down but not the brightness of the screen.

If I should take the power cord out and let the laptop go into suspend mode either by itself or with me pressing the button/closing the lid. And then wake it up again without the power plugged in, so it is just running on battery, the screen brightness is rammed up to burning the text on the screen into my retinas mode. And still the buttons behave the same, only way to dim it is to restart the laptop.