Why don’t I ever learn ?

I couldn’t resist yesterday and typed in “update manager -d” in the terminal.

The download and install just happened and the laptop restarted to finalise the update just fine.

I really do like the new login screen, looks very nice. But when I logged in, I save the Nvidia driver start and send me back to the nice log in screen. I tried a few attempts with unity-2d and recovery etc and some other poking around, before Ubuntu 11.10 played ball.

I’m still not sure about the Unity look and getting it as I logged in again I was hoping for better, but it was dreadful slow. Typing “ubuntu” in unity search bar I will only get the “t”, nothing before or after. Starting other programs up as slow too, firefox was unusable since you couldn’t type in your url. Hit a letter wait for it to pick it up, while shaking the mouse about (see below), if it picked it up you could then type the next letter.

The screen saver was by default set to one second, you had to be either typing or moving the mouse all the time. Else it would fade the screen slowly and log me out so that couldn’t log back in again. So a hard restart was due. I tried so turn the screen saver off in the settings but that didn’t help. Still faded fast and logged me out.

I tried a few attempt of installing Ubuntu and updating before I gave up and went back to Ubuntu 10.04