Listen very carefully, I shall say this only once.

Do any of you lot ever use PGP? I for one don’t have or write anything worth hiding behind PGP. I can only think about one maybe two people, that I know that has set up public key. I’m pretty sure that neither of them have sent an encrypted email beyond the the first testing/setup email. I set up a public key years ago and happily forgot which email I used and I was even so smart to set up a secret name and forgot to safe the key etc…

So a couple of years ago I set another one up with openPGP when Dez and I got talking about it and this time remembered to save my Keys. That was pretty much it, what else is there to do with it other than send a friend an email saying – look it works.

I just found the Keys again while looking around on my HDD, there was probably an idea behind whhhyyyyy I stored it in that folder……….?

Feck do I know!

And since I have read about Snowden, and his and others use of PGP, I thought why not play with it again.

Is it really worth it setting it up, to at least sign your email to prove who you are, when most people don’t know what PGP is or how to use it. It is somewhat hard for a none techie to set up and in a age where most people use webmail on friends/work/home/internet cafe computers or their mobiles. It will add the extra problem of installing a plugin.

I’m testing out a plugin for Chrome/gmail atm and it will only work on this browser. And back in the circle of no one I know uses it, so I had to send the email to my other emails. But what if you don’t use a webmail, that can’t use the browser plugins you are bit stuffed.

PGP need to be easy to use, install and cross platform.

I wish that banks, the council and doctors etc would use it, so that you could sign your email to prove who you are, and them too. So you could contact them via email and not ring up and answer hundred question about your pet and wait in a phone queue.

And if you used it with the 2-step verification that various sites are using now, I think you will have as secure email as you can get.