Well I build my first PC in 20+ years today. Feck me what a change to my dying laptop. The last two or so years I have become used to:

Hit power (the last few months I had to do that a few times and if it didn’t boot right I had to unplug it to then press power again)
click chrome
type the url in I wanted to visit
if I wanted to visit another url I had to wait before I could enter the url and then
waaaaaaait while I watched my CPU freak out and cook
then if I was lucky I could type a message on farcebook or gmail after about five min.

And god forbid if I wanted to play a youtube video too, that was simply a no go area or do other crazy things like opening gimp or file manager.

Today I installed debian (later MX Linux based on Debian) booted up, logged in, fired up chrome and wrote an email in less time than it took to boot up my laptop.

Boy – USB3, SSD, 2 cores 3.5Ghz, 16Mb 2100Mhz and what not – it is fast … just opened six 3Mb+ images in Gimp and less than a minute later I was laughing in shock and surprise, oh yes I was also ready to edit too.

Oh and I flashed my first every BIOS, oooo look at me :)