gmailI’m not sure how I feel about the new Gmail update both on Android and in browser. Read their blog post about it here – A new inbox that puts you back in control.

First what I like about the new update:

I do really like the “Categories” for the mail and it makes it easy to see what kind of email you have waiting for you. And it also removes lesser important emails away from your more important email. Yes, you can organise this with the labels too, which I have already used, though this makes it a bit easier to see since it is in a bar across your inbox.

The colour and icons on Android Gmail version 4.5, took some time to get used to the UI, moving buttons around to places your fingers are not used to hit, takes some time to get used to (which is rather normal), but else it is pretty neat looking mail program.

The browser didn’t change much, just added the categories bar above your email and then it is pretty much the same old.

Now what I don’t like about the new update:

When your email arrives into one of the categories they do not show up as a new email both on Chrome, the favico used to display new emails, and the Android app, got a little mail icon in the status bar, which is rather annoying. For me a new email is still a new email, unless it is SPAM. o/ for Gmails brilliant SPAM filter.

You can’t update or create categories, which is a bit annoying since I do have email that don’t fit within the ones Google have created but would be brilliant if they were in a category.

The Android app is utterly slow, takes forever to get new emails. Pull down up update, wait, see that there is a new email in your Forum category, click on it, wait, see nothing, pull down to update, wait, see the new email, click on it, wait and then read email.

I feel that the Android App have stopped to download and store emails, everything is online and not cached. Often see that there is an email in a category and have to update that category before I can see the new email.

Even the web version on Chrome for Android is faster and honestly better than the app and it seems to cache more of my emails so less waiting.

If you enter a category the new email count zeros, even if you have only read one of the x unread emails there.