LEGO updateSorry I have been a bit slack on posting about LEGO lately, so here is an update.

One of my all time favourite arcade games is Pac-Man and now someone have made this machine, so that you can play all your old 80’s arcade games. LINK : Lego Arcade Machine Overloads My Nerd Senses

For some reason it tickled me funny bone, no real use for this machine though many hours of fun I would say. LINK : The Most Useless Lego Machine

Not for the people who suffers arachnophobia, but now that is a mighty cool looking tarantula. LINK : Giant Lego Tarantula Grosses Me Out

NASA is about to pack up their space shuttles, I have been following them since they started (yes I’m that old) but they never really delivered what we kinda hoped back in the day. Ok there is the space station and the Hubble space telescope that they have serviced over the years. I never got the first version by LEGO of the shuttle but this new one looks very cool. LINK : Lego Designer Digs Into Shuttle Adventure Set

LEGOs board games and the up coming LEGO Universe just looks way to cool. So while we wait here is some other LEGO things that you shouldn’t miss this year. LINK : This Season’s Must-Buy LEGO Sets