LEGO FacebookYeah I’m getting a wee bit lazy and therefore only put my LEGO news in one post now and again, so here is Massive LEGO update number II.

For you Facebook addicts here is a LEGO version of it, Facebook literally in lego.

Over on they have made a graph about their memory of LEGO. As much as I agree with it I still have to disagree with it, if you are a real LEGO fan you will have LEGO harden feet. A bit like walking on hot coal you get used to it and never feel that you are stepping on a piece of LEGO. If you are an elite you will be able to tell what size LEGO you are stepping on.

My biggest memory of LEGO is after a long break away from LEGO. The rush down memory lane which was brought back by the sound and the feeling from me running my fingers through the LEGO.

With background as a graphical, mechanical designer etc I have played plenty with various plotters and printers over the years. But this one is probably the coolest I have seen – LEGO printer for mac

If you haven’t heard about TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design), you are missing out. TED have had over the years some very remarkable people speaking for them, from the funny, educational, fantastic to Hillel Cooperman. Who spoke, and wore a great t-shirt, about Legos for grownups. Well worth the very short five and a bit talk about LEGO and when it is becoming a slightly mad obsession, did I just say that?

And I will finish up with a tribute to one of my favourite programmes on the box atm Futurama, all done in LEGO – Marvel at Futuramas New New York in LEGO