LEGO advent calendar 2010As some of you might know I’m not the biggest fan of Christmas.

I could happily live without it, it really gets on my nerves that it starts way back August. I could easily go into a massive rant here, but I will not.

I will just say that this year, with our trip to the southern hemisphere, we managed to get away from it. I did hear that Australia (Sydney) embraced it all rather well, though only from November. In New Zealand we only started to see it during the last week or so, but sooo much more calmer and not as in your face as here in the UK. Like in the supermarket, it was just at the end of ONE aisle. The places that had decorations up had a little decoration, and not totally covered in tack and down your throat. I could live with that as it was easy to ignore.

We didn’t get to see much TV down there, though did have one evening just vegged in front of the box and it was rather weird to see Christmas ads (with cold and snow etc) down there. Like Guy Fawkes night and Halloween were celebrated on a warm, sunny day not a damp, cold and grey night, weird.

But yesterday I came home to a little package, a LEGO advent calendar, which makes it rather hard, for this “Christmas hater and hardcore LEGO lover”, not be a little interested in this Christmas malarkey.

Thank you Peli’s mum :)