google circleHmm I noticed last night that in my Gmail I had a new label(folder) called circle. Which at first I was sure was just a short cut to my various circles.

Only today I tried to click on it to find out what it all was about. But for some reason it is pulling up my emails, not what is going on in my circles. Most of them do not have anything to do with the names/titles/persons in my circles. The normal friends and family circles are there though some are duplicated even though some aren’t friends or family and visa versa.

Then there is a circle I call cycle touring, it have picked up lots of my emails that has something to do with cycling but most of them aren’t or haven’t got anything to do with that circle. Ans so on for my other circles.

And what you wanted in there e.g. circles aren’t, the rest of circles are empty. So what is these links/circles in my email then?

The circles link within my Gmail contacts makes a lot of sense and I like it there and it works there. But mixing my emails up with my circles.