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Enough said.

World bicycle relief

World bicycle relief is something that I can support and will. They are training people how to fix a bicycle in a place where there isn’t a bicycle shop that can service your bicycle for 400 km. The bicycles they… Continue Reading →


I signed up with 10:10 | Cutting 10% of emissions in 2010, last year. We need to start to do something now, even if it is just a small step at the time. Though this is by all means not… Continue Reading →

Pump your lights

Yeah I know you might think I have lost it here, but now I do mean pump your light. As in charge your lights while pumping. Now what a great idea have a light that you charge while pumping or… Continue Reading →

Pardo, a tricycle ?

Now this tricycle looks a bit mad in a good way. Instead of pedalling you have to kick/push with your legs to get the trike to move forward. It does looks fast and very suspensioned (if that is a word)… Continue Reading →

Self-Powered Laser For Safer Night Cycling

This is a self powered laser light, the battery that is recharged via a dynamo and this is what it does … The laser draws an ellipse of light that is sensitive to anything crossing the perimeter. If a car… Continue Reading →

Recycle your bicycle

Today when I went out with our recycle box to our recycle bin, I found a bicycle inside. Well it was a classic BSO and in bad nick. Unfortunately, your LBS will not take this bicycle in and give it… Continue Reading →

The Plug

The Plug from Tout Terrain is probably the simplest, cleanest and neatest looking gizmo that I have seen. When it comes to things that you can plug to your dyno hub and charge other things with. Because it is integrated… Continue Reading →


The E-WERK from Busch & Müller KG can only be the bee’s knees, if it as good as their lights. For all those who do not want to go cycling without their mobile phones, GPS, MP3 players and other electronic… Continue Reading →

BioLogic ReeCharge from Dahon

In my search for finding a way to charge my power hungry iPhone while out and about. I found this, the BioLogic ReeCharge from Dahon. Now that is a cool little thing there is not much information about how many… Continue Reading →


Well it looks like I will be in CPH next year for this. Do you think that we can get London to join in and go over there and learn something ? Copenhagen, June 22-25, 2010 The European Cyclists’ Federation,… Continue Reading →

Pedal Power +

I have been looking around for something that could charge my mobile phone and mp3 player while riding. I got a SON Dyno hub and wondered if there was anything that would collect the power I’m generating while cycling in… Continue Reading →

More cycling in Barcelona

Here is the second part to the great interview about cycling in Barcelona. I say it again if they can do it we can and should do it too. “Anna O F: I am a new user to Bicing and… Continue Reading →

Cycle and get days of work

Now how good deal is that ? “For each week or five-day period that an employee rides a bike – or walks – to and from the office” I could live with that, and I’m sure if every company gave… Continue Reading →

Rent a bicycle in Barcelona

I was in Barcelona recently and saw these bicycles all over the place. Didn’t have the time to try them out but this great idea looked liked it worked very well. All the bicycles were in a good nick and… Continue Reading →

Moving by bike

I have just move house, 6 miles due south in central’ish London. And what is the best way do so, by bike of course. We got some funny looks :) But we managed to move every thing in 2 runs…. Continue Reading →

Friendly city cycling

“Being able to travel by bicycle somehow makes a giant metro area seem more friendly and relaxed. And, I agree could be a factor in attracting and retaining talented people” Now here is a few good links that is a… Continue Reading →

Bike Powered Notebook Computer

“As the bike’s instructions note, if you have trouble “squeezing in that daily exercise,” you can now “multitask with no problem–[you can] bike while you work!” ” Not the cycling I like but it is a good way to keep… Continue Reading →

New green folders

“Folding bikes allow their owners to fit them into buses, trains, yachts and even cars” New models are out, here is a few of them. Link : http://www.treehugger.com/files/2007/11/buygreen-small-wheel-folding-bikes.php -extra

In Copenhagen Bicycles Overtake Cars

“As a result of half a century of planning, Copenhagen has achieved a fabulous cycling goal – during the morning rush hour more bikes and mopeds pound the inner city streets than personal cars and buses” Now we just need… Continue Reading →

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