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Children should be encouraged to ride to school

You must have read the article about the family in south London who, shockingly, let their children cycle to school. Good on them, I say. Now Sustrans says that children should be encouraged to ride to school not prohibited, which… Continue Reading →

Sustrans scheme for the unemployed

Now this is a scheme I can get behind. Get unemployed out there to create cycle lanes, it will help them in the future so that they can have an enjoyable ride to work, school or over to mates Sustrans… Continue Reading →

SillyDriver II

Why is it that you as a driver are more than happy to drive behind a other motor vehicle at 2mph or sit and wait in a queue that is going nowhere fast. But for the life of you, you… Continue Reading →

Flying the flag

Once in a while the UK PLC have tradition were you show how good your driving skills are. We are now coming into one of these seasons aka the world cup in football. Great for us cyclist and other road… Continue Reading →

Contested Streets

I saw this wonderful (pardon I just couldn’t resist) video on on Copenhagenize earlier today about cycling in Copenhagen. This made me think about Contested Streets a documentary about Copenhagen and Jan Gehl an architect and urban planner. I watch… Continue Reading →

SillyCyclist X

A couple of days ago, four of the six cyclist following me down Chiswick High Road was wearing helmets. And all four of them were jumping the red lights, hmmm. Please do remember wearing an helmet does not make your… Continue Reading →

SillyCyclist IX

Rule number one of cycling in London : never go on the inside of a bus or HGV. Stay behind and let it do what it gotta do, you will still get there before them, and most of all, you’ll… Continue Reading →

Reclaim the Road women’s bike ride

On March 7, the LCC presents the annual women’s bike ride to mark International Women’s Day. Female-focused, but not exclusively for women, the ride will lead you around some of London’s best routes, encompassing landmarks which have particular significance to… Continue Reading →

Kick Ball Pedal Bike

I’m not a big fan of football but this does sound like fun and a long day. But you can join just part of the route or the whole route. Join us on the 5th of June on this great… Continue Reading →

Bike week 2010

There had been some confusion about when the Bike Weeks when be in 2010. I think that bikeweek.org.uk have now set it in stone, 19-27 of June 2010. This year it is sponsored by EdF and they have set up… Continue Reading →

The Firefly bicycle light

I’m all for the idea of making us cyclist more safe on the roads. But this one is only a gimmick. The Firefly bicycle light uses a passive Infrared sensor to detect vehicles approaching from behind – the closer they… Continue Reading →

What a waste of a young life

A SCHOOLGIRL killed in an accident on her way home from school was riding a dangerous and unfit bicycle at the time, an inquest was told. Sadly this is a terrible way to remind you, but do check you and… Continue Reading →

Pot holes

So we managed a week or so of snow and icy roads here in London. Now comes the next menace to us cyclist. Pot holes !!! Just as the BBC article, Pothole and frozen pipe worries as ‘big freeze’ thaws,… Continue Reading →

37% of People Commute by Bike.

In Copenhagen there is 37% of all people commuting to and from school, work and universities. But when you add the journeys to and from the shops and cinema e.g. all trips it is 55% by bicycle !! Mikeal from… Continue Reading →

What are the odds ?

Humans really baffle me. If I were an betting man I wouldn’t put money on us lot passing our 30th year. And yet we quite often pass the average age of 70-odd years. The amount of stupid things I see… Continue Reading →


Looking at this video below, which reminds me of cycling in Denmark in the snow. If you can’t see the embedded movie click here to see it I have cycled in weather like this or worse. Sometimes I could not… Continue Reading →

Start riding now

Today I read this article over on the Telegraph, Copenhagen climate conference Danes launch campaign to get the world cycling. And it got me wondering why the UK has such a hard time in get on their bikes. The first… Continue Reading →

SillyDriver I

Well since I have the SillyCyclist and SillyCyclelLanes going I thought that it would be a good idea to also have a SillyDriver section. And I will start this section off with a small pop quiz. Q: Picture this, you… Continue Reading →

Goldfish effect

I hope that you do as I do and others do “ride wide”, Charlotte puts it better than I so I hope that she don’t mind that I quote her, in her post I ride wide. Apparently, the consensus of… Continue Reading →

Self-Powered Laser For Safer Night Cycling

This is a self powered laser light, the battery that is recharged via a dynamo and this is what it does … The laser draws an ellipse of light that is sensitive to anything crossing the perimeter. If a car… Continue Reading →

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