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Velo-City and Streetfilms

I totally forgot and missed out on something great. As you can see on this StreetFilms film from Velo-City 2010 in Copenhagen, see below. This film is Copenhagen seen through North American eyes, as they say it took a long… Continue Reading →

New York New York

I hope that I’m allowed a bit or artistic licensing from old blue eyes, and re-write his song New York, New York. “If they can make it there, Then we make it anywhere, It’s up to you – New York,… Continue Reading →

37% of People Commute by Bike.

In Copenhagen there is 37% of all people commuting to and from school, work and universities. But when you add the journeys to and from the shops and cinema e.g. all trips it is 55% by bicycle !! Mikeal from… Continue Reading →

Drivers Behaving Rudely

I found on Treehugger today a story from Streetfilms. About how car drivers are being rude to pedestrians in New York, when they for example block pedestrian crossing. Mark Gorton, publisher of Streetsblog, wants to put drivers on notice of… Continue Reading →

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