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Who to blame

After yet another tragic death in London, where my thoughts are with the family, it made me think, so sorry for my ramblings below. I do not know the precise details of how this latest incident happened, but it was… Continue Reading →

Segregated cycle lanes

Having just spend 11 days cycling around in Denmark, where there are plenty of cycle lanes. I have been thinking about if it really works to split cyclist and other road users from each others. Yes, cycles lanes are brilliant,… Continue Reading →

Thames Path near Hammersmith

It is possible to follow the Thames path along the river in Hammersmith and Fulham and Chiswich boroughs. I love to dip down to then river and just pootle alongside it. Plenty to look at and a great way to… Continue Reading →

Cycle infrastructure

I just read two rather good blogs about the failure that is cycle lanes/cycle infrastructure here in the UK. I’m sure that I have ranted about this before*, as I’m very sure that it could easy be much better here… Continue Reading →

Even cyclists need a refresher

The other day I was a passenger in a car, not something that often happens as I tend to cycle everywhere. What got me to put ‘pen to paper’ was the way the driver overtook a cyclist and the driver’s… Continue Reading →

SillyCyclist vs SillyCycleLanes

TfL have started to build, or rather paint, the new cycle super highways around London. The first pictures I have seen are, in one word, crap. Not thought-out or well-planned. Simply a dash of blue paint randomly added at a… Continue Reading →

Creative cycling

Trying to follow a route on the London Cycle Network(LCN) or National Cycle Network(NCN) you have to put on your thinking hat. Because you have to be a bit creative with your cycling. Signs pointing the wrong way, signs not… Continue Reading →

Prince of Wales Drive, SW11

If you are cycling down Albert Bridge Road and want to turn into Prince of Wales Drive, you will find this little gem. View Larger Map As you can see that the cycle lane goes up and over the pavement… Continue Reading →

King Street, SW6

Cycling from Chiswick into Hammersmith on King Street, Sw6. You will be led on to yet another contraflow cycle lane, which is again bad for you. View Larger Map On the one way bit of King Street starting from Hammersmith… Continue Reading →

Hugon Road, SW6

If you are cycling along on Peterborough Road, you will see national cycling route 4 is turning down Hugon Road. Which is a one way road coming onto Peterborough Road, with a contraflow cycling lane. Please don’t use it, as… Continue Reading →

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