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Changes in the air

Well I have now read two articles in the Daily Mail which is about cycling where cyclist are not being put out to hang. No they are rather good articles and articles that is normally seen in the Guardian or… Continue Reading →

Beauty and the Bike

Now this is a great project and a very uplifting short film, Beauty and the Bike. If they can get teenage girls to start to cycle again in Darlington, why not elsewhere here in the UK. They are right teenagers… Continue Reading →

More cycling in Barcelona

Here is the second part to the great interview about cycling in Barcelona. I say it again if they can do it we can and should do it too. “Anna O F: I am a new user to Bicing and… Continue Reading →

Rent a bicycle in Barcelona

I was in Barcelona recently and saw these bicycles all over the place. Didn’t have the time to try them out but this great idea looked liked it worked very well. All the bicycles were in a good nick and… Continue Reading →

BeaTrix, the tricked out bicycle beat box

“Beatrix is a bicycle sound system. She was designed from the ground up to provide maximum dispersion of high quality audio for rides and music video productions as well as provide a visual impact to her presence.” I have seen… Continue Reading →

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