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Public transport

28 a new …

… record.   This is a picture of our trip to Wales this coming weekend. 2 passengers, via Birmingham to Wales with 2 bicycles on public transport and back. Great value for these ticket Euston to Machynlleth and back for… Continue Reading →

Tube strike …

… causes chaos to London commuters. Yeah it was a pain for me to ride to work today. I really do hope that this is the last ever tube strike, because I can’t handle this. I’m mean it took me… Continue Reading →

How do you do it …

… every day? Had to take the tube today at rush hour, quelle horreur.It was not helped with the amount of junk flying around in the air either. I don’t suffer from hay fever, but when the threes and other… Continue Reading →

Public transport …

… and me just don’t get on. The longer I’m away from it the more I hate it. Riding a bike in London is just much better, short cuts off the busy roads, seeing spring springing, wind in your hair(ok… Continue Reading →

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