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Cycle infrastructure

I just read two rather good blogs about the failure that is cycle lanes/cycle infrastructure here in the UK. I’m sure that I have ranted about this before*, as I’m very sure that it could easy be much better here… Continue Reading →

SillyCyclist XI + XII

Went out on a pootle today with my partner, while we were stopped at a red light we met SillyCyclist number XI. Just as we were setting off from the light she came up on my inside. There were not… Continue Reading →

SillyCyclist vs SillyCycleLanes

TfL have started to build, or rather paint, the new cycle super highways around London. The first pictures I have seen are, in one word, crap. Not thought-out or well-planned. Simply a dash of blue paint randomly added at a… Continue Reading →

SillyCyclist IX

Rule number one of cycling in London : never go on the inside of a bus or HGV. Stay behind and let it do what it gotta do, you will still get there before them, and most of all, you’ll… Continue Reading →

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