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Making your own Kilt

When I first saw the utilikilts.com I knew that I wanted one. And with a weeding coming up that we couldn’t miss, I was searching one evening for photos of kilt to figure out which design I wanted. I also… Continue Reading →

Free E-books from London cyclist

Londoncyclist.co.uk have produced two eBooks, Guide to Cycling in London and Bicycle Maintenance Made Ridiculously Easy, free for you to download. I have had quick scan of these two eBook and I enjoyed then, very well written and full of… Continue Reading →

Ghostbusters or Father Merrin

A few weeks ago I blogged about Ghost visitations and since then we have had more. First it was my Surly LHT that had its back wheel playing up, then Peli’s Eva front wheel and now Tuesday night Pia was… Continue Reading →

Abandoned, to a better home

There is a thread over on yacf about “Abandonment”, simply put bicycles that have been left by their owners. Though, I do think that most of the “left” bicycles are the last stop in the chain in a stolen story…. Continue Reading →


… or as they are also called a visit by the fairies. And a good defense against then is to get some tyres that have Kevlar (Specialized Armadillos) in them. I have been using armadillos with great success over the… Continue Reading →

Stella broke …

So my beloved Stella broke on me, on the way to work :( After a few days wondering around what to do now. A friendly man down south come to my rescue and mended her :)And look she now got… Continue Reading →

Say G’day to …

… “Stella the fixie” my new ride. She is an 15+ years old Peugeot “12 speed”, that I have stripped form it original paintwork of red, blue and white. And just sprayed her with a coat or 2 of lacquer… Continue Reading →

it have arrived …

… my winter project got home safe and sound in/on my backpack. So hopefully by spring time I should be spinning around town on a brand new bike. Ant, thanks for the beer and the check is in the mail,… Continue Reading →

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