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Dreaming scarfs

Well this morning one was rather good, very vivid and full of details. Peli and me, was on an over night bus* tour. With random people we knew and some unknowns. The middle of the night – in the middle… Continue Reading →

Don’t know what I was dreaming last night but I woke us both up howling. After I had rather intense and vivid dreams, all new subjects. I tend to dream in mini series, as in the story/dreams goes on and… Continue Reading →

Why Richard Branson?

“So, Richard, just to follow up on our talk yesterday I’ve got a few questions for you about the GPS unit you where using. Oh, and a little gentle reminder… :)” Last night I was dreaming that I was at… Continue Reading →

Does Dream Cream …

… make you dream more ? Around 2 months ago Peli’s mum gave us a pot of Dream Cream from Lush, thank you. Don’t get me wrong it is a very good cream and I have used too, but not… Continue Reading →

Cows, Obama and …

… cake delivery. For some reason I was hired along with quite a few cyclist to deliver cake for Obama, in my dream last night. Because his motor convoy got delayed on his way to a rally. So this massive… Continue Reading →

No lake, better check Google Earth

In my dream last night I was getting someone to run across a dried out lake in a forest in Denmark. I woke up enough to to go “I’ll better check it out on Google Earth, because I can’t remember… Continue Reading →

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